IS 206 – Ms. Valmadrid

IS 206 was most fun and at the same time challenging class I had this semester. It was fun because we can “chill” while in class and challenging because of the defense and works we had to accomplish. It was a nice experience to have those defense because this would ready us later on our thesis defense so I thank Ma’am Kit for that. I really learned a lot from this class. Thank you Ma’am Kit 🙂


ICS 120- August 5

Last meeting, we started discussing Chapter 2: Understanding and conceptualizing interaction.

We started out the discussion with recap regarding the last topic we had. Then, we started to tackle chapter 2. We discussed about assumptions and claims and how it affected ‘Flickr’. I didn’t know about Flickr because I don’t have any interest in pictures back then. I was told that it was the old ‘Instragram’.

Ma’am Kit also discussed about conceptual modelling. And she told that we, IS students tend to focus more on design rather than what needs to be in our work. That’s what she noticed and differentiated us from her IT and CS students. And I realize, I am one of that person so, that’s one thing I learned from our previous discussion with Ma’am Kit. I’m glad she shared with us her realizations about IS students like me because I know I can improve from this.

ICS 120- Typography

It is my first time to make my own typography. It is also my first time to use photoshop and it was awesome! 

My typography was simple because I don’t know much about photoshop yet although, making my own typography encouraged me to study photoshop more. I would love to be a ‘pro’ in using photoshop because I know this can be very useful in the future especially in my course.

This one of the best activity I did so far. I hope there are a lot of activities like these in the future. So I can have fun while learning my course.

ICS120-7/24/2014/; HTML and CSS

Working on my HTML and CSS activity was great. I was able to have a knowledge of what HTML because before, I honestly don’t have any knowledge or whatsoever about it.

I liked how the activity was made because I can easily learn from it, that’s what some students like me wants. One example is when I can’t remember something that was already tackled or was in the previous lessons, I can easily go back and refresh my mind so I can answer the questions. Also, already have my reference or reviewer anytime about HTML and CSS. I can now see myself making my own presonal website one day will all the learnings I will gain in this subject.

Finishing this activity was worth it. Yes, it was so long and tiring to do, but it made me realize that this subject wouldn’t be so difficult like Java or C++, because those two are so mind-blowing in my opinion. Hopefully, it stays that way because I know we are only just beginning.